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RICOR SOLICITORS is an experience International Law Firm sought out by clients for the prestige of its regulated professionals-highly qualified Solicitors/Lawyers as well as Doctors In Law-and its efficient and timely fast response.

We are based in the Alicante province of Spain but through out our legal associate agreements we effectively operate in all areas of Spain. We both represent the legal and commercial interests of both private clients and business investors in Spain. Our clients come from different parts of Europe, China and United Estates, and a professional team make sure that whatever help you may need is provided in a fast and effective manner.

Our broad linguistic knowledge guarantees an excellent service. We are oriented toward differentiation, producing high value added services,anticipating the legal needs of our clients as we know that each client and each case require a personalised attention and we have our client’s at heart. To accomplish this, we offer our clients the highest level of commitment, professionalism and expertise to meet their developing legal and business needs.

In an increasingly complex world, our focus is always on our clients, and we aim to provide a fluent communication, building a relationship with every one of our clients, founded on trust and integrity. RICOR SOLICITORS strive for complete customer satisfaction and appreciate the value of your choice.

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Our commitment: We will respond to your query and a preliminary free on-line advice as a matter of urgency (within 24 hours).

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to providing you with individual personal service and the benefit of our “know how”.


Mr. Antonio Ricor, PARTNER (Spanish Lawyer and Doctor in Law )